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PD Watch

by Dave Brown

This month we have a few utilities for you that you might find handy.


This shell for achiver programs handles all of the major file formats and offers a user-friendly front end. Options in the program allow you to change settings without resorting to crytpic -x style switches. Even better, it is now free to disable the limitations of the shareware. The company, Deep Sleep Software, is distributing the registration key through their website.

ST-Guide Tools

Also from Deep Sleep Software, this small package of software will allow you to create ST-Guide Hypertext documents without learning the format of the files.

ST Guide

When you're making your own Hypertext documents for the ST, you're going to need to test them! There is no better way than using ST Guide itself. STGuide is shareware from Holger Weets and available for registration through InterActive Software. ST Guide is fast becoming used more for the documentation of modern GEM programs, so you'll want to have a copy!

GDOS Fonts

From the UMich archive, this is a long list of fonts to use with GDOS. Many of these fonts were converted over from the Macintosh so their are equivlents to Times New Roman, Courier, and Chicago, to name a few.