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by Rod MacDonald


We know it is hard at times to KEEP PROMOTING your Atari Computer as a viable computer, but all of us who are forced to use PCs at work realize that the Atari still has so much going for it, that it has to be retained.

I look for more people to discover our Web Magazine this fall when they get back from summer activity. Don't forget, teachers have always been big boosters of Atari products and when they return to school their computer routines kick back into gear. The military has always been big on Atari as well and our men in uniform will be back into a steady schedule in the fall and their use of computers does increase.

Lower costs of ISP charges have also helped with web use. It used to be you paid by the hour and at the end of each month got a $50 or $60 bill (all the time while you were trying to limit use).

Those of you who still do not have browsing software on your system, take a look at the PD section of Issue 98, where STing is available for download. This should help get you started.

Remember, we need help to continue. Scott needs help with submission of articles and reviews, and I need help getting our financial house in order to give us some incentive to continue.

So, here's hoping for generous and prolific Atari users....

"Keep on Keepin' On"

Rod MacDonald, Publisher