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Back to Basics for Back to School

We are aware that a lot of new users are migrating into our ranks because of the acquisition of used Atari equipment. We are encouraged that so many new folks have taken up the challenge of keeping the Atari computer as meaningful and instrument as possible.

With development efforts by several firms, Atari is managing to forge out some niche markets that will only enhance the lifespan of the computer.

MIDI circles are still getting bigger and bigger as Cubase becomes more and more available for users. Just think, a musician can move into the MIDI ranks with very little investment and at the same time, have the good fortune to have some great applications that makes his artistry even better. I notice some Band in the Box newsgroups and binary areas where that program still has some innovators. Band in the Box is a realy oldy, but supporters continue to create MIDI routines for the program and offer them for download by others.

Other niche markets include specialized publishing. I once knew of a hobbyist that was digitizing his oldcomic book collection and bringing the reproductions of those comics into the modern age.

Don't forget that programs like STick and CAB have enabled Atari to be on equal footing with other system web browsers. If you haven't got a download of these programs yet, you should check out our earlier PD Watch areas for copies.

Scott has been doing yoeman's work with the edition and could use some help from some of you who have written articles for others in the past and still have some sage knowledge to impart to lesser skilled users. Look over your favorite program list and write a little tutorial for it, someone out there will appreciate it. It might be how to write in circles in Pagestream or something.

Encourage others to come in and see what we are all about, Scott and I will appreciate it.

"Keep on Keepin On"
Rod MacDonald