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July 1998
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News for October 8, 1998

MyMail Page Update

Hi all MyMAIL users

I have updated my homepage MyMAIL page It is not a new version only the texts and links are updated.

If you like to be a beta tester and help me to get mymail better then do send me a mail.

Best Regards
Erik Hall

Mail:                            |||  
                                               /|\  HADES  060
URL:                                          / | \         


Info from Channel Atari

2. T H E I N F I T R A R E M O T E D I A L E R :

A remote dialer is under construction to use with Infitra as a module plug-in.
It can also be used without Infitra for other purposes. The dialer is Freeware and you will find it at my Infitra support webpage.

To use the dialer with the STinG socket theres a environment variable to include in the DEFAULT.CFG file, the dialer must be set.

3. N E W S i e

Johns Rojewski's NEWSie for email, News and FTP is also updated into version 0.92, some weeks ago.

Among lots of fixes and so on, here's some of the news:

Bug Fix - Remove extra space following IP address in "helo [nn.nn.nn.nn]" message
Support for Mail Directories
Expanded MAILBOX.PRG (UTILITY folder) to support mail directories
Support for Case Sensitive/Case Preserving File Systems (Requested Improvement)
Rework Full/New Groups sort to eliminate 28000 newsgroup limit (Requested Improvement)
Bug Fix - Window width (w) used instead of window index (wx). Caused memory corruption
Bug Fix - Changed 'windows[12].id' to 'wid' in put_html_line() and put_html_subline()
Bug Fix - Corrected problems with auto-sizing windows on open, added clipping
Bug Fix - Support saving of windows in 'full-screen' size
Bug Fix - Startup with HTM file broken in 0.90, works again
Bug Fix - Could not delete news article from Overview if file did not exist
Implement selective Retrieve/Delete of Mail messages (Requested Improvement)
Expand support of Status display in window information line (Requested Improvement)
Support selection/use of Multiple Address Books (*.abk) (Requested Improvement)
Use AES popup menus for file lists for Address Book, Mailbox, and Preference selection

Information on how to contact Channel Atari:

M Y   H O M E P A G E :

My homepage is located at the address below, all other URLs that
you might have is mirror sites

Bottnia Internet Provider (BIP) is a swedish provider that gives
free services to the Net.

M Y   E - M A I L   A D D R E S S:

My new e-mail address proivded by BIP for Atari related mails is:

If you have my old address in your address book. don't bother, the
old ones or works just
fine, so send me some mails about your summer vacation or your
Atari interests. Its always nice to get in touch with you.


Best Regards

Mille Babic E-mail: WWW:

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